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Premier Benefit Consulting is an insurance brokerage and consulting firm committed to providing personalized service. It is critical that your brokerage partner have the experience and resources to provide comprehensive solutions. PBM is your single-source partner. 

A rapidly changing regulatory environment (health care reform), rising employee benefit costs, complex reporting requirements and challenging compliance issues have driven consolidation in the insurance brokerage community. This may make financial sense for buyers and sellers, but we believed personalized service to the client and their employees is often sacrificed in the process.

We started Premier Benefit Consulting after living through an acquisition by a national broker and personally experiencing the focus on growth rather than developing close partnerships with clients that emphasize controlling costs and providing quality consulting advice to guide employers through the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Premier Benefit Consulting’s focus is on high-quality, local service but also leveraging our 150+ years of experience in the industry to sort through the unique set of challenges each Employer may face. Our extensive resources allow us to customize a plan and design the systems needed to keep the Employer compliant and bend the cost curve.

Industry consolidation has not only resulted in lower quality service but has also pushed a lot of senior consultants out of the business, making it more difficult to find the experience required to develop robust long-term solutions.

While we incorporate the best systems for your needs, technology does not solve complex problems, people do. Premier Benefit Management is a privately held, local company, whose singular focus is to address the specific needs of the business community in Arkansas, which we believe are being under served by the large, centralized brokerage firms.

Founded by a 25-year veteran of the employee benefits industry, Premier is fully independent and our only priority is to find the best solutions for our entrepreneurial client base. We want our clients to focus on their business and to feel confident that Premier is taking care of their Employee Benefits, Business Insurance, Life Insurance and Retirement Plans. Your single source solution.

Our Difference

Our Team

When people in our industry talk about their greatest point of differentiation, they inevitably say “our people”, but what they fail to say is that usually means “our person”, meaning the one individual who will be assigned to your account to serve as the “jack-of-all-trades”. So, when we say that “our people” are our greatest point of differentiation, we really do mean it in the plural sense. We’ll stack your account with a highly skilled, cross-functional team of subject-matter experts in each of our core areas of expertise.

Areas of Expertise: